Carel Weight: An English Visual Artist

Domestic Scene, 1960

Anger, 1955

Battersea Park Tragedy

Country Lane

The World We Live In, 1970-73


Tense Girl

Thoughts of the Girls

Daisy in the Garden

The Silence, 1965

Mick Rooney, Portrait of Carel Weight

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lucy mink said…
i love that "country lane" painting, love love love it
imo said…
Are there any more that describe the area he lived in? The only one I know is 'The Moment' of 1955 of Keswick Road where he lived and worked. This is still a recognisable part of Putney/Wandsworth and the wall I know very well. I would so love to find more. Any suggestions?
Paul Behnke said…
Sorry, imo. I don't know.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.